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  • AI, Cloud Computing

Discover how cloud computing empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Explore the seamless scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency it offers, and learn how Technovature combines expertise in AI and cloud computing to deliver superior results.

  • Cybersecurity, Cloud Native

Learn how cloud native computing strengthens cybersecurity strategies. Discover how Technovature leverages cloud platforms to safeguard data effectively, mitigate cyber risks, and deliver superior results.

  • Cloud Native

Kubernetes can help businesses have a huge cost savings and efficiency by adopting a Cloud Native Business Architecture.

  • Identity Federation

Azure AKS workload identity federation helps in further securing your Cloud Native Microservices by using a decentralised and distributed identity federation setting the stage for Zero Trust Architecture.


Securing Microservices in a Cloud Native Environment has never been so easier with the advent of SPIFFE standards for authentication and authorization.

  • Autoscaling with KEDA

Autoscaling at Cloud scale is now easy to develop and deploy using a Cloud Native Tool called KEDA.

  • Elasticsearch at Scale

Cloud Scale Massive Peta Size search clusters enabled by Elasticsearch makes data ingestion and search Analytics a breeze.

  • Azure Cloud Native

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) provides a reliable and a complete suite of backing services in order to deliver Cloud Native Applications at a global scale.

  • Multi Tenant SaaS

Building Multi-Tenant Cloud Native solutions has become an art in itself due to the proliferation so many diverse technologies and software stacks available for building them.

  • Cloud Event Orchestration

Cloud Event Orchestration can be built at scale to process events from across any part of the globe or any data source by leveraging the economies at Cloud scale.

  • Cloud Native Data

Cloud Native Data architecture for Real-Time data processing can help build a scalable data pipeline for high volume Real-Time data processing

  • Cloud-Native Observability

Cloud Native Observability allows a Real-Time view into your Cloud Native Platform providing Actionable Insights into your system and services.

  • Serverless Kubernetes

Cloud Native Computing is incomplete without the use of Serverless Functions and FaaS (Function as a Service)

  • DeRisk Banking

Using Blockchain and DeFi technologies to DeRisk Banking

  • Distributed Computing

Cloud Native Cloud Computing has really bring to the fore the legacy view of Distributed Computing and put it on a Center stage.

  • Cloud Devops

An effective Cloud Devops strategy is required to innovate in cloud with velocity, agility while embracing a culture of Cloud Innovation.

  • Cloud Finops

An effective Cloud Finops Strategy is needed for building Cloud architecture at scale while keeping costs low.

  • Smart Cities

How 5G and Cloud Native technologies are powering the next era of Smart Cities

  • Defi

Web 3.0 and Cloud Native Blockchain is disrupting the Financial app world using Defi Dapps.

  • Kubernetes Dev Hyderabad

Technovature provides expert Kubernetes development services to build scalable and robust applications. Hire our certified Kubernetes developers for your project needs

  • Cloud Native Security

Zero Trust based Cloud Native architecture uses Federated Identity for a Cloud Native Microservice Application

  • Blockchain

Digital Supply Chain powered by Blockchain, Tokens, Cloud Computing, IoT, Edge networks.

  • bigdata

Big data is not just a big buzzword anymore. It is a big reality. The volume, variety and velocity of data is growing faster than businesses can keep up

  • bigdata

Big data can be used to improve decision-making by allowing businesses to analyse customer data to identify trends and patterns

  • bigdata

ig data is a term used to describe the large and ever-growing volume of data that businesses and organizations must manage.

  • bigdata

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. It is used for handling large scale data streaming applications.

  • Microservices Development

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Cloud Native Application Development has gained a tremendous momentum in the last few couple of years, and now [75% of the global organizations](,up%20from%2030%25%20in%202021.) are focussing on developing cloud native application architecture.

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud Native Computing enables the organizations to develop and run the highly scalable applications across multiple dynamic environments and clouds. This approach is exemplified by containers, service meshes, immutable infrastructures, and declarative APIs.

  • Web Development

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  • web development

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  • Cloud Computing

Enterprise Cloud Strategies for 2019-20 The adoption and evolution of Cloud technologies by (the) enterprises over the past decade has made the technology very…

  • blockchain

What is blockchain? A blockchain is a distributed, digital ledger. The ledger records transactions in a series of blocks. It exists in multiple copies spread…


JAM stands for Javascript, API and Markup, an acronym with a nested acronym.