Telecom Engineering Services

5G connectivity could  completely revolutionize the ICT industry while it empowers networks with extended coverage and high-speed connectivity at 1Gbps, at very low energy consumption levels with ultra-low latencies. This carries major implications for wide arena of technology segments such as Industry 4.0, Healthcare, Smart Homes & Cities, Autonomous Automotive, Wearables, and much more.

Our Areas of Expertise

We partner with globally recognized cloud leaders, device manufacturers, network operators, and semiconductor firms, as well as open-source forums and standards/certification bodies. These alliances, coupled with our 5G automation framework, help transform networking ecosystems.

What we do

  • Device chipsets – design, verification, field trials, and 5G use-case development
  • Network infrastructure – 5G service enablement and virtualization, automation framework, and service monetization
  • Industry solutions – Smart city, robotics, immersive 5G, and autonomous driving

What we do

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions from chip-centric to device-centric and finally towards a network-centric architecture for wide variety of application use cases for 4G or 5G. Can involve sensors, IOT devices, Gateways, Backend Platforms including Big Data, AI for Actionable Intelligence.

Network & Service Integration

Custom Development of Applications and solutions need to be mapped across device to Network and in the backend Cloud architecture for a seamless solution delivery.

Solution Deployment

Deployment planning, integration and deployment for wide use cases such as Wireless Telemetry, Industrial Internet scenarios and other similar Applications.

Case Studies

360° Customer View using Big Data

Processing big data in near-real time to understand customer experience in a complete 360-degree view is an evolution in applied machine learning for communication service providers (CSPs). For this Tier-1 CSP, a set of predictive models were built to obtain a complete understanding of how each experience affects a customer’s net promoter score (NPS). And, where the predicted score may be improved, determining what communications may be implemented. Applying natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning capabilities to unstructured data (online chat, NPS surveys and social media sentiment, for example) allows for proactive service and root-cause analysis of customer experience and their effects on NPS.
Proactive care, Customer Journey Analytics and Predictive Churn Analytics were some of the use cases that have been developed.

Targeted Consumer Engagement solution using BLE Beacons

World-class Innovation combined with the latest in Industry standards and technology result in world-class solutions. A BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon powered by Bluetooth 4.0+ standard(s) allowed us to develop a complete Retail, Ad Agency and Brand campaign management solution that delivers in near real-time true value to customers on the move using BLE beacons installed across key strategic locations in Retail Malls, Hotels, Movie Theaters etc. Consumer Experience was at its highest when they met to their delight, valuable discoveries (offers, coupons, products of interest & more ) around them (location + person) based on deep insights uncovered using Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

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