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Solutions Thinking

At the heart of our Solutions Thinking is a 3-Pronged approach to generating any kind of solution that can be mapped into a real-world scenario. This approach signifies that Data is pervasive and is available to you within your enterprise and or across the wider Internet. You need a diverse or a hybrid cloud based platform processing architecture to process the data you source. Finally an appropriate Engagement model serves this processed data to the relevant user, business or consumer.

Technovature is an associate rising open commonplace developed by the Bluetooth SIG that gives progressive communication technology within the sports and fitness, medical, watch, home and workplace and different client markets. Bluetooth Low Energy Development technology can supply a inexpensive, low-power interface to your mobile phone, laptop, or different Bluetooth enabled product. The phrase “Internet of Things” has arisen to explain this growing range of product connected to the web and reflects the new opportunities they represent.

Solutions in Practice

Leveraging from the above 3-Pronged Core Solutions Thinking Approach, we have built several practice and focus areas that allow us to plan and scale quickly with a lot of ease of customization aided by flexible/agile design models.