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Big Data Challenges

While we understand the standard definition of Big Data being the ability of the platform to handle Volume, Velocity, Variety and Complexity to retrieve Value out of it. However, it is very important to understand the nuances involved in processing such Data wherein the bigger the Volume and more variety and higher the complexity of the Data to be handled, the expense or the cost of the compute operations increases significantly while the Value generated is also proportionally quite high.

It is important to understand that in order to apply the right mix of technique by understanding very well the diverse data analytics needs of your enterprise in order to achieve the right balance in your solutions portfolio for getting the desired results in your enterprise from your Big Data Platform.

Big Data Reference Platform

Technovature's Big Data Platform aims at providing a comprehensive and a complete stack or suite of software processing components that can handle a variety of critical but diverse data processing needs in a variety of Enterprises across verticals.

We achieve this by employing all the possible open-source components that are widely popular and used at the market place that can handle both batch-mode data processing such as Map-Reduce as well as Real-Time data processing such as Storm/Kafka and many similar such components.

Technovature believes in constantly monitoring the marketplace for the greatest and latest innovation(s) in Data technology and adopting them into this platform.

On top of this, there are several of our own in-house built components that aid in Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Audience Analytics such as Recommendations/Match-Making and advertisement including a framework for handling data from IoT devices both Consumer as well as Industrial.