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Technovature's own Custom-Built ERP has helped our client Swansilk, a leading manufacturer of Silk and Textiles based out of India. This is the only custom-built ERP that is used to precisely manage and maintain the entire Material Management, Inventory Management, Process Management and the complete supply chain involving Silk manufacturing and Fabric Processing across the various locations of their Manufacturing unit. We have came up with an acutely optimized and a flexible solution to manage and maintain their entire Silk Manufacturing processes from Import all the way to the final fabric and madeup output. Based on the different process involved in the business, the ERP system has been divided into the different modules like Import, Marketing, Planning, Stores, Twisting, Dyeing, Weaving, Inspection, Cutting, Tailoring, Made Ups, Fabric Exports, Embroidery and Compliance. Our ERP system is an integrated module built using a solid web and cloud based technologies with a central database repository that supports the entire ERP processing.

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  • Skills:
    Graphic design
  • Categories:
  • Date:
    Aug 2015
  • Client:
    Swan Silk India Ltd.
  • Copyright:
    Technovature Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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