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Company Profile

Technovature is building the next big thing in the Information Technology arena that differentiates itself by providing a comprehensive but highly customized and adaptive IT (Application) Solutions to the larger Enterprise. We have a vision where we believe that a very well-defined confluence or Integration of Cloud Applications Development, Big Data Solution , Mobile and Cloud (SaaS) technologies can deliver the ultimate efficiencies to the Enterprise by providing them a Unified IT Application Infrastructure that is Device Agnostic, Backend Agnostic, extremely simple to manage and best of all comes packed almost with a "User-Experience Out-of-Box" that is extremely targeted to that Enterprise and its Users.

How Do We Do That?

Steps to Success


Our core mindset of Research allows to blend in a vast quantum of insights drawn from our Research into Industry trends, Technology trends, Industry pain points, new solution opportunities that enable us to think thru a variety of possible scenarios based on this research to target and deliver the most optimal and innovative solutions


Design Thinking is all about delivering to a targeted or a diverse user base, while hiding the complexity of technology, the user environment, the software platforms an Intuitive, device agnostic, responsive/adaptive and a superior User Experience embedded with Rich and Dynamic User Interfaces


Development involves in taking an agile approach that iterates through the Design while developing a comprehensible solution, a sum of the parts that still looks very good and fully-functional until the complete product or solution is developed.


Today, delivering a solution does not simply restrict itself to a target PC or Desktop computer but it implicitly means that the developed solution needs to be delivered and deployed across multiple endpoints with varying form factors from PC/Desktop to Tablets, from Smart Phones to Wearable Computers, from Google Glasses to Fitness Trackers etc.

Our Team

Srikanth Jallapuram
Founder Director & CEO

Chief Executive responsible for driving the overall management, strategy and operations of the Company.

Kalyani Jallapuram
Executive Director

Responsible for the overall Human Resources Development, HR and Talent Recruitment for the Company.

Marjorie DeHey
Board Director

Based out of Hollywood in USA, Marjorie brings in rich experience from the Entertainment, Media and Gaming Industries. She is well connected with the major Hollywood Studios and various High-Tech companies.

Steve Lubin
Board Advisor

Based out of New York, Steve brings in great depth and understanding in Wearable Computing and Internet of Things related technologies.

Our Services

Analytics & Dashboards

Fully customizable, personalized, and role-based views for key performance indicators (KPIs) across your business, your products, partners etc. Highly intuitive, graphical interface with real-time metrics aggregated across different lines of your business. Drill-down and trending capabilities across business. A Web-based interface for interactive, ad hoc query and analysis

Customized Applications

Customized Application development allows for developing a common architecture base from your IT foundation and allowing to draw unique user experiences across a magnitude of users spread across your business, your customers, your partners etc. covering a wide variety of compute endpoints such as PC(SaaS), Mobile Smartphones, Tablets etc. all leveraging from the same backend Application architecture and a common data pool.

Systems Integration

In the age of Internet/Digital Economy, it is expected that almost every business out there would provide services over the Internet using a cloud platform. However in a collaborative global economy, ability to reach out to customers and partners across the globe, it is essential that a strong API strategy and a strong and agile Systems Integration thinking that can quickly get you the results that you desire.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Technology is ever-pervasive now and has displaced everything else to retain its position as the primary screen for users across the globe. A Mobile First Thinking requires a deeper understanding of the intricate nuances and the engagement models and the most appropriate User Experiences that can be delivered to mobile users. This is only possible with a strong emphasis on a clear Mobile Computing strategy.

Added to that we have a diverse set of new mobile wearable computing technologies that are now just at the beginning of this mobile revolution.

Cloud Computing

To bring scale and wider reach, you need to think of the Cloud for your Applications and a sound cloud based architecture powered by some of the most popular, open-source based CloudOS and Cloud Technology.

Considering the most appropriate virtualization strategy and an SDN architecture can provide you immense long-term benefits. It provides you with flexibility while allowing you to deploy services that can reach mobile as well a PC users alike.