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ClassHours Messaging App

ClassHours is a multi-platform mobile and web app where Education meets Social media, Whatsapp kind of messaging. A real-time multi-chat messaging platform built for Real-Time collaboration between parents, teachers, students using their mobile app on Android and iOS.

Swan Silk ERP

A world-class ERP solution completely custom-built targeted towards Silk, Textile and Garment manufacturing but is also highly adaptable to any manufacturing industry. Delivered via cloud using a SaaS based model, it also allows a Mobile-First integration for popular mobile platforms that allows for Order Taking, Order processing, Material Management, Production Planning and complete Silk/Textile/Fabric LifeCycle management from a single ERP dashboard combined with powerful analytical reports.

Renovate Design

Renovate is a 3D Home renovation and improvement Application. Which allows for visualizing in 3D your real home, knocking down and replacing your existing home interiors with a vast library of 3D objects such as Home Appliances, Paintings, Wallpaper, Paint and Texture and re-imagining your home before it is finalized for a complete home renovation.

CySmart App

CySmart Application allows for the demonstration and a powerful integration of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon technology from Cypress Semiconductor with their flagship BLE chipset PSoC® 4 BLE (Bluetooth Smart) where several new BLE Bluetooth profiles such as Running, Cycling, Cadence, GATT profiles, Heart Rate, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure were integrated. This solution finds several novel uses in several Smart Wearables powered by BLE Bluetooth technology.


A powerful School ERP system that allows for managing all the key facts of a School Enterprise such as its administration, personnel, functioning, students, course and curriculam, the test management and many powerful features such as automatic schedule management for the entire school, parent-teacher interactions, payroll and other key features are administrated and delivered both via Web and Mobile platforms.

DISE Mobile Education - Karnataka State

Best in class m-Governance application that allows for completely transforming a cumbersome and manual methods of data entry. Data related to various schools in the state of Karnataka and allows for digitally capturing and managing information related to the government schools, teacher data, student data and various schemes....